Toilets For All

There isn’t much argument against the reason why everyone in this world should have safe and easy access to toilets.  This initiative by the world health organization is worth mentioning.  Did you know that most communicable diseases such as cholera, typhoid, polio, diahrrea, dysentry all spread because of dirty water, standing water, and untreated sewage?

We can do better than this.. world.. Read on.

Photo Credit – @gabor

Hydropower in Cameroon

Here is a sustainable and renewable way of providing electricity to about 30% of Cameroonians.  The hydropower project is developed on the Sanaga River, a huge source of water supply in Sub-Saharan Africa.  This is one of the projects supported by the World Bank.  Practical solutions for real problems.  Watch it.  Here is another website that shows glimpses of the project.

Photo Credit – Seth Doyle @sethdoylee

Where does your waste go?

It is amazing how little people spend time thinking about this very important question.  Many people don’t know and don’t understand and potentially don’t care what happens to the stuff after they do..doo.. Here’s an interesting article on the journey of the waste well depicted in pictures, coz words just don’t do justice!! Read on or rather Watch it.