Karl Marx… You needed a Water Expert

A good friend of mine and I always get into arguments over the merits (me) and demerits (him) of socialism.  While the “ism” is a long argument to be had, let’s just focus on the downside of socialism, as it pertains to the basic human necessity, water.  Venezuela has been in news for so manyContinue reading “Karl Marx… You needed a Water Expert”

Dubai and the Next Big Thing

What do you do when mother earth throws deserts at you (no… silly… not the eating kind) and you have a fast growing thirsty populace…?  Well you make the opposite of lemonade… Desalination seems to be the go-to solution for all water issues in the Middle East and Dubai’s Water Authority recently awarded $237 MillionContinue reading “Dubai and the Next Big Thing”

Show me the DATA…

Contrary to what one thinks…. the issue that plagues a water professionals’ ability is the lack of data.  Pure numbers.  We don’t lack technology, we don’t lack skills, we aren’t lacking in thinking power either.  What we are severely lacking is historical data, collected consistently, stored diligently, and available freely.  Nothing helps us grapple withContinue reading “Show me the DATA…”

What is Chinese for “Double Edged Sword?”

Read on this story about water issues in China and this is going to be the story of every town and every city and every country in the near future.  Too much water where you don’t need it, not enough water where you do need it and whole lot of water quality issues.  Text bookContinue reading “What is Chinese for “Double Edged Sword?””

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