Fury in the Waterbed

There is so much oceanic activity going on right now that it is hard to decide where to focus.  We have Hurricane Florence about to make landfall, A cyclone headed towards Mexico/Texas, which if it picks up speed could be named Kirk.  We have tropical storms Isaac, Joyce and Helena potentially heading towards us.  That is just in the Atlantic waters.  We also have tropical storm Olivia heading towards Hawaii.  And then we have the Typhoon Mangkhut heading towards China and Philippines.


Sitting Ducks

It is interesting that we know everything we can about the hurricane that is about to hit us… Florence in the Carolinas.. where it could make landfall, the windspeeds, the affected areas, the duration of impact, the cost in lives and property damage and aid.  This article has some good numbers comparing various hurricanes and the article claims Florence to be the costliest hurricane to hit the US land ever.  Makes me think that inspite of knowing every possible detail, there ain’t much we can do other than evacuate and brace ourselves for the impact… ay.. ay…ay..

History of Water

As we all know, the water we drink today is potentially the same water that the dinosaurs drank during their time.  Ever wondered how humans settled in different parts of the world and how the water usage began?  This article describes very useful history of water in Texas.  I will try to find similar articles for other regions as well.  Read on.

Doing the Right Thing – Not Always Easy.

Many of you may have heard the crisis that arose in the water distribution system in Flint, Michigan.  It took the entire water industry by shock and the lessons learnt from that one calamity (if I may call it that) will educate an entire generation of water resource engineers.  The pediatrician that raised the issue of lead concentrations in the water system talks about her challenges in raising awareness of what seems like a common sense issue.  Fascinating read.  You can also hear her on NPR.

Although I want you to read everything I post here, if you are prioritizing, this is a must read.  A question to ask:  have you checked for any potential lead contamination issues in your water source lately?

Photo Credit:  NPR