Take Five – Editorial on Conservation

My first editorial, so gentle hands there… By the magical powers vested in the hands of the water administrators in India, if they tasked me with the responsibility of coming up with a campaign to promote conservation practices in India and increase awareness, this is how I would go about the program.  Here’s is myContinue reading “Take Five – Editorial on Conservation”

Froth Issues in Hyderabad, India

Protecting the environment and the water sources is not a regulatory or a legal issues, it is a common sense issue.  This articles highlights the apathy and the negligence on part of the polluters and the parties responsible for clean up.  How valuable is your water source and how valuable is the human life thatContinue reading “Froth Issues in Hyderabad, India”

Everest and the Tall Tales…

Once upon a time… 80 millions years ago, there was a piece of land called “Gondwanaland”.  Landmass called “India” broke off from Gondwanaland due to tectonic activities and drifted in the ocean towards Asia, like a piece of wooden log.  It traveled about 10-12 inches per year and 50 million years ago, India collided intoContinue reading “Everest and the Tall Tales…”

Time Please on Krishna Water..

  The states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have decided to defer the decision on the water sharing of Krishna water until Mother Earth bestows the river with more inflows… I am all about slow and steady as long as the ultimate solution benefits both the states in equitable and sustainable manner.  I will keepContinue reading “Time Please on Krishna Water..”

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