What is Chinese for “Double Edged Sword?”

Read on this story about water issues in China and this is going to be the story of every town and every city and every country in the near future.  Too much water where you don’t need it, not enough water where you do need it and whole lot of water quality issues.  Text bookContinue reading “What is Chinese for “Double Edged Sword?””

Shukriya… Thankyou…TGFWW

Good samaritans are all over the world, those that take time and money (two most valuable personal resources) to solve problems that inflict strangers in the world.  The least we can do is give gratitude to these kind hearted folks, right?  Let’s jumpstart our Friday gratitude series (Thank God for Water Warriors, TGFWW) with aContinue reading “Shukriya… Thankyou…TGFWW”

“We Don’t Govern Water, Water Governs Us!!”

If you live on this blue rock and you haven’t heard about Capetown in the recent past, then you need to get out of that couch and say hello to the world around you and of course connect to the 21st century via wifi.  There are so many lessons to be learnt from the waterContinue reading ““We Don’t Govern Water, Water Governs Us!!””

Damn if you do, Damn if you don’t

why do you need to care about water? Oh i don’t know… coz you cannot go for more than three to four days without it?  Deserves some respect right?  Let’s catch up here and figure out why water matters and what you can do to care for it better.  Strap on your buckle and letContinue reading “Damn if you do, Damn if you don’t”

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