Where does your waste go?

It is amazing how little people spend time thinking about this very important question.  Many people don’t know and don’t understand and potentially don’t care what happens to the stuff after they do..doo.. Here’s an interesting article on the journey of the waste well depicted in pictures, coz words just don’t do justice!! Read onContinue reading “Where does your waste go?”

Trami Troubles

If you did not know me better, you would think this website to be a disaster tracking mechanism.  But it isn’t.  It is a rather interesting coincidence that all these strong weather systems are all over the water bodies and wreaking havoc on land people.  100 people were killed from the super typhoon MangKhut andContinue reading “Trami Troubles”

When it Floods… It Kills…

This is a sombre news on the lives lost due to the major flooding in Kerala.  It does not take much to be caught up in the flooding and the inundation.  I also worry about all the water-borne diseases that will be rampant owing to the floods.  As you may know, water-borne diseases are theContinue reading “When it Floods… It Kills…”

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