Trami Troubles

If you did not know me better, you would think this website to be a disaster tracking mechanism.  But it isn’t.  It is a rather interesting coincidence that all these strong weather systems are all over the water bodies and wreaking havoc on land people.  100 people were killed from the super typhoon MangKhut and now Japan awaits it fate to be delivered from the super typhoon Trami.  Some say that the typhoon will weaken or change it course.  Hope it does.  Read on.

When it Floods… It Kills…

This is a sombre news on the lives lost due to the major flooding in Kerala.  It does not take much to be caught up in the flooding and the inundation.  I also worry about all the water-borne diseases that will be rampant owing to the floods.  As you may know, water-borne diseases are the number one source of deaths in India.  My prayers are with the people of Kerala.

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When it Rains… It Floods…

These are the times when Mother Nature is bestowing its wishes upon us in plenty.  The monsoons in the southwest India and the associated flooding has resulted in not just a daily hassle for commuters but also in a record number of dams to be opened.  Be careful out there and stay dry.

People in Kerala, my thoughts are with you.

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How to Recover from a Hurricane?

Those following the news cycle know the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.  The thing about natural disasters is the long-term effect and the long recovery times.  No one is prepared for it.  The City of Houston has been doing everything it can to get the City back to its pre-harvey glory and even more resilient.  Here is an article that highlights the efforts.  Read on.

Water Logging

If you set aside the dramatic overtones, this media coverage on the water logging in different parts of India is worth paying attention to.  Too much is bad, too little is bad.  Can never have enough.  I remember back when I was a kid and a rainy day always meant a no-school day.  Fast forward to many years and that is still the case?  Something isn’t right.  Why this apathy towards infrastructure improvements and lack of focus on water issues.  Why is water always an after thought? Are smart cities indeed Water Smart??  Watch it.