Troubled Waters… Delhi Slums

I remember the challenges of trying to squeeze your way through a herd of motivated people, making your way to the head of the line, filling your receptacle with the water gushing through the tanker pipe and the most challenging part-making your way out of the same herd without spilling much of your prized possession- a bucket full of water. This is story of some days of my childhood when our taps ran dry and the memory never goes away. And no I am no slum dweller.. I just happen to be in any regular city in India with poor water management and distribution system. Mine was just charged with additional political issues. There are at least four or five threads touched in this article that are worth reading. The poor management of groundwater for one, the water quality issues, the ever persistent water mafia, the public outcry and involvement and the last statement. Take 5 minutes of your time and

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Toilets For All

There isn’t much argument against the reason why everyone in this world should have safe and easy access to toilets.  This initiative by the world health organization is worth mentioning.  Did you know that most communicable diseases such as cholera, typhoid, polio, diahrrea, dysentry all spread because of dirty water, standing water, and untreated sewage?

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Photo Credit – @gabor