Everest and the Tall Tales…

Once upon a time… 80 millions years ago, there was a piece of land called “Gondwanaland”.  Landmass called “India” broke off from Gondwanaland due to tectonic activities and drifted in the ocean towards Asia, like a piece of wooden log.  It traveled about 10-12 inches per year and 50 million years ago, India collided into the landmass called Asia.  What happens when land-land collides?  Well, the land folds and faults are formed and then if they keep colliding further, molten lava forms and pushes the landmass up into the sky.  That is the origin of the tallest mountain in the world, Everest.

Interestingly enough, research shows that India is still moving, about 1-2 inches per year into Asia.  This resulted in about 15 earthquakes in the past 100 years in the Tibetan belt.  And who knows what else could happen in the next million or so years, because of this continuous movement.

Rumor has it that the weather system in the Everest peaks is responsible for the Ice-age, around the time of its formation.  Mind-blowing no?? For now, Everest serves as the driver of the entire Indian weather system and is a water tower for most rivers in India, feeds about 1/5 of the world population.  It is the tallest mountain the whole world and seems like it is gonna keep on growing.

These were just the highlights of the documentary “Everest” I saw on Amazon Prime Video.  One of the most amazing documentaries I have ever seen and I learnt so many neat things about Everest and all its shenanigans.  I have to say, I give this formidable frontier all the respect it deserves.  Please, please check it out if you can.  You will not repent it, I promise you.