Annual Operating Plan

October is typically the month of annual planning at our firm, which I am sure is the case for most corporations.  As we were going through the SWOT analysis and where we are and where we go from here.. discussions, i had a thought to myself that I need an AOP for myself.  Every year,Continue reading “Annual Operating Plan”

History of Water

As we all know, the water we drink today is potentially the same water that the dinosaurs drank during their time.  Ever wondered how humans settled in different parts of the world and how the water usage began?  This article describes very useful history of water in Texas.  I will try to find similar articlesContinue reading “History of Water”

Amish… The Eternal Trilogy

No other book has impressed me as much in the recent past as “The Shiva Trilogy“.  And this coming from a reluctant fiction reader.  Yes, it depicts a historically set story about the most coolest mythological Hindu Godhead, Shiva.  While super cool, that is not what got me excited about the book.  What had meContinue reading “Amish… The Eternal Trilogy”

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