World Toilet Day

Sanitation and the lack of proper toilets for doing your do-dos is an issue that cripples the developing and under-developed countries.  There is the infrastructure aspect, the cleanliness aspect, the health aspect, and finally the awareness aspect.  Let’s create some buzz and spread the word!! Read on to find out what India is doing toContinue reading “World Toilet Day”

Tracking Cyclone Gaza

Are we ever going to get out of this cyclone season?  Didn’t we just track a Typhoon that wreaked havoc in Philippines? Read on to find out more about Cyclone Gaza hitting the coasts of Tamil Nadu.  I don’t think things are dry enough in that part of the country to take these continual hits.Continue reading “Tracking Cyclone Gaza”

Troubled Waters… Delhi Slums

I remember the challenges of trying to squeeze your way through a herd of motivated people, making your way to the head of the line, filling your receptacle with the water gushing through the tanker pipe and the most challenging part-making your way out of the same herd without spilling much of your prized possession-Continue reading “Troubled Waters… Delhi Slums”

Annual Operating Plan

October is typically the month of annual planning at our firm, which I am sure is the case for most corporations.  As we were going through the SWOT analysis and where we are and where we go from here.. discussions, i had a thought to myself that I need an AOP for myself.  Every year,Continue reading “Annual Operating Plan”

Data Management

A significant amount of my time as an engineer is spent in thinking of unique, innovative, and useful ways of presenting information but mostly importantly data.  Needless to say, this infographic caught my attention.  Hope you like to see how prevalent is the groundwater usage in US. Read on. Photo Credit:  @valentinlacoste

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