Water Wars

“Water is the Oil of the Future”…. This has been said in many places by many people.  Don’t think so?  Read on this article.  Fascinating details of water issues troubling the Indo-Chinese borders.

Take away message?  “Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail”.  Water is one resource that needs comprehensive planning, both from top-down and bottom-up.  One cannot just haphazardly build dams as and when needed, without understanding the local, regional, and global implications of those decisions.  This applies to folks on either sides of the border.  More policies in place to ensure everyone plays nice?? Perhaps?  Or is that too much of an ask?

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I distinctly remember the fluids mechanics homework i was working on many many years ago and i thought to myself... "shit... i get this ... water stuff..". Like the right buttons get pushed in my brain and this "flow" business actually makes sense to me. That was the origin of the love story and it's been going strong through all these years. I have been called many things, "Water Chick", "Aqua Girl" etc.. but I settled for "Ganges" as my screen name... I believe it serves the purpose of what i am trying to do here beautifully. I hope to make this place my "Mecca" for all things water. A place where people like me with no other agenda but pure love for water can come and hang out with a cuppa.... water.. lol.... fine... beer, coffee, wine, vodka, what have you!! Knowledge does not need to take itself too seriously... hopefully we will pick up a thing or two while we are traipsing along and stumbling away... that is the plan... we shall see..

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