Where Philanthropy meets Innovation

It is so easy for us to blame regulatory, governmental and non-governmental organizations in India for what they are not doing to keep our lakes and water bodies clean. We often forget the good done by many folks and the benefit of the successful implementation of An innovative project. This article on how one company changed the nature and course of a lake in bengaluru is amazing!! Read on.

New Beginnings…. Refreshed Perspectives

Hello Earthlings!! Wish you all a very happy new year 2019. I have grand plans for this place in the new year so watch out for me. I personally am returning from a long break and some self reflection and am feeling great and grateful !!

Posting the picture in the header as I was at the NASA space museum last week and took this picture of the first time earth was captured in an image and how it changed our perspectives. There is something about the courage of setting foot on another planetary object and looking at us from a true vantage point that sends chills along my spine and makes me watch this moment in history with awe and excitement. Hope we can inject the same magical, surreal awe-provoking feelings and excitement to all of our activities in this new year!! Peace!!


What is the most meaningful and useful advice you ever received in your entire life?  Who delivered it to you?  Well mine came from a person whom I consider to be a very good friend, colleague, manager at one time, and most importantly a mentor.  His name is Kirk Westphal and I used to work with him.  When he gave me this piece of advice, I thought to myself what a load of crap!  I really did.

So this is how it went.  He is this amazing charismatic person and has a unique way of thinking through issues and providing meaningful solution.  Mainly wanting to be more like him, I asked him, what I can do to make myself better.  He said you have a way of complicating everything in life, just think of simplifying everything.  I kept nodding and looking all polite and receptive but in my head these thoughts were rushing through.. he gotta be kidding.. complex is good.. complex shows effort… this is the most useless advice I ever got… what does he mean by simplifying anyway… etc. etc..

I promptly ignored that advice… until i grew older and wiser.  Now I know after all this years how complicated it is to simplify everything and how beautiful it is when things are simplified.  Simplification is the perfect solution for every aspect of my life.  This is the best advice i ever received in my entire life and it is also the most simplest advice 🙂  I will not belabor much on this and let this concept dawn up on you just as it did on me.   So go ahead and either baulk at this advice like I did or think for a bit and try to SIMPLIFY.

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